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Wishing you weren't so depleted after having sex...

Disappointed because you know deep down you didn't really satisfy her to her heart's content and are somehow missing something...

Having good sex but wishing it lasted more than 15 minutes...

Feeling hurt because she's just not into having sex with you anymore and often turns you down, choosing Netflix or a good book over you...

Wishing you knew how to get her in the mood and keep the passion alive...

Fantasizing about being the one who truly satisfies her physically, mentally and emotionally because you are the one giving her the best sex she has ever had ...

Knowing there's more to sex than you experience but not sure about what to do, say or where to start...

It's Not Your Fault. You Haven't Been Taught!

For many instead of becoming better over time, sex becomes duller and secondary. You're either to tired or stressed and she's not that interested anymore, or you have learned to put your sexual needs on the back burner and feel like you are missing something. 

We know you are frustrated because you want to have mind-blowing sex and truly satisfy your partner, but you are struggling to get it right. You’ve probably tried to figure it out by surfing the net for answers, but it didn’t work because the information is either wrong or incomplete and your connection and intimacy aren't growing.....they're stalling. 

Gain Confidence And Expand Your Sexual Potential

There is another way! There is a solution for you, and we are here to help you develop your sexual mastery!

Imagine yourself just a few weeks from now: You experience more confidence, more desire and she wants sex from you. You are both happier, less stressed and sex is a way to share love and deepen the connection. 

If you are single you now have a waiting list of women wanting you, there's an abundance of amazing sex anytime, anywhere.

It all starts with Sexual Mastery, the best program to give you all the sexual mastery techniques you desire to satisfy a woman in bed for her pleasure and yours.

But most of what you have seen online is incomplete, wrong and unhelpful. Basically lots of ego and bad information. That’s why we created Sexual Mastery, a quality program that works for real life.

This isn’t just another program filled with big promises, it will work for you and here’s why:

If you think mind-blowing sex is all about positions and techniques you are in for a surprise. We challenge you to redefine your perspective, as great sex is a whole lot more than just physical.

When you start learning more and expanding your views regarding sex, your sexuality will change and you will experience great changes in all areas of your life. From your relationships with women and how you interact with your loved ones, to your performance at work.

This program blends ancient practices with modern research for remarkable results.

We teach you real skills for real life sex and bring both the female and male perspective to what women really want and need from a man. 

"I needed help with my sex life as I had been in a relationship for 16 years and it had become boring and mundane. Working with Celine and Kevin is a process, you can't jump in the car and start going 100mph safely, you need to ease up to speed so to speak. But once you reach 100 though all you want is to take more lessons and the speed builds quickly after that. Once I was able to take let go of my apprehensions I was ready to put their coaching to practice, I was feeling inspired, energized and ready for any future partners, actually looking forward to them, because I knew I'd deliver. I started with a high school diploma, feel like I have a bachelor's and will continue to get my masters degree... Trust the process the end results will be life changing."

Marty G.
Sexual Mastery Graduate

Did you know that only 41% of women experience orgasms when they have sex with their partner. That means that half of the women aren't having regular orgasms or even worse they aren't orgasming at all. Blame it on lack of knowledge (on both sides), high stress levels and not enough stimulation in the right spots.

Paying attention, slowing down, taking charge and knowing how to effectively help a woman get out of her head requires skills and mastery but the rewards of a well fucked woman are boundless.

In the grand scheme of things nothing changes if you just sit back and let your life pass by. You’ve got to be proactive and develop your sexual abilities. 


You are about to discover a system that will show you exactly how to satisfy a woman in bed for her pleasure and yours and bring your sexual skills to mastery level.

Module 1: Reframing Sex

In this module we "Re-Frame" what sex really is. We also lay the foundation for becoming a Sexual Master.

You Will Learn:

  • The Benefits of Sex Beyond The Physical
  • The Biggest Mistakes People Make During Lovemaking
  • The "Secret Ingredient" That Makes You a Master Without Learning Any New Techniques
  • How To Dial Up The Attraction and Desire In Your Relationship
  • The Key To Making Her Surrender To You

Module 2: How To Ignite Her Arousal

In this module you will learn how to drive her crazy and keep her going from beginning to end.

You Will Learn:

  • The 5 Ways You Can Create Intimacy, Desire And A Constant State Of Arousal That Will Have Her Desiring You Every Day
  • How To Increase and Keep The Intimacy Going During Love Making
  • How To Communicate Your Desires With Your Partner
  • The Best Practices To Keep The Seduction and Sensuality Alive
  • What To Do After Sex To Strengthen Your Bond

Module 3: What She Secretly Wishes You Knew

In this module you will learn the anatomy and skills essential to pleasuring your woman that she wishes you knew. This is your sexual foundation. 

You Will Learn:

  • The 5 Levels Of Touch, How and When To Use Them
  • How To Pleasure A Woman From Head To Toe Before Reaching For Her Pussy
  • The One of A Kind Pussy Tour and Anatomy You Need To Know
  • The 4 Levels Of Female Orgasm
  • A Live Breast Massage Demo
  • A Step By Step Pussy Massage Live Demo 

Module 4: Master Your Cock

In this module you will learn how to control and master your physical body.

You will learn:

  • How to Separate Your Orgasms From Your Ejaculation
  • The Anatomy of Your Pelvic Floor Muscles, How To Strengthen Them And Take Back Control Of Your Cock
  • Advanced Masturbation Techniques To Last Longer
  • The Hidden Secrets That Most Men Don't Know About That Will Help You Become a Master
  • How To Shorten The Refractory Period and Does Size Really Matter?

Module 5: Become A Superhero In The Bedroom

In this module you will learn how to go from average to a superhero in the bedroom.

You Will Learn:

  • The Mindset To Develop Your Mental Stamina
  • The #1 Trait Women Want In A Man And How To Embody It
  • How To Supercharge Your Life With The Power Of Sex Magic
  • How To Help Take a Woman To States of Ecstasy Higher Than She Has Ever Been
  • The 5 Aspects Of Intimacy And How To Deepen Your Bond
  • A Powerful Practice To Boost Your Nitric Oxide And Your Erections

You will increase your sexual confidence and gain deeper knowledge and understanding of the female body and mind.

You’ll be able take a woman to new levels of ecstasy and experience greater connection and intimacy in your relationships with fun and ease.

What's Included In The Program:

  • 28 Easy-to-follow videos designed to boost your skills!
  • 16 Downloadable guides in PDF format.
  • 28 MP3 audio files for easier listening.
  • Lifetime access to course upgrades and new features.
  • Instant access from any device. No Waiting. No Shipping. No Delay.
  • Access to Céline and Kevin to ask any questions via comments and email.

  • 100% Satisfaction 30 day money back guarantee.

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Power Up Your Erections has a full 30-day satisfaction guarantee! If it’s not the best sexual and personal growth program you’ve ever taken, ask for your money back and receive a complete no-hassle refund.


What if I am very busy?
Our course has been conveniently broken down into short videos with one topic per video so you that you can go at your own pace and squeeze it in even if you only have a few minutes at a time.

Is it worth it?
What is a lifetime of great sex worth to you? There’s no other program filled with as many useful tips and real world application delivered in a fun and clear way.

How long is each module and the entire course?

Each module has between 4-5 videos, we tried to keep the videos as concise as possible around 10 minutes each. They build on one another one, so we recommend you follow the sequence. Some men go through one of the program in less than a week and then continue the practices over time. While others choose to watch one module at a time, do the practices and once it becomes second nature they move to the next module. That’s the beauty of a self-paced program, you choose what works for you and you can always come back to a video to deepen your understanding.

How do I know this will work for me?
Amazing transformation happens when you take this program, however you only get as much as you put in. Our hope is that you’re beyond satisfied with the course. We also expect you to give your very best effort to implement the practices and lifestyles changes to support your goal of increasing your sexual skills.

Do I get lifetime access to the program?
Absolutely, the course is always there for you. You can go through it as many times as you need.

What do I do if I need support?
Just reach out. We are happy to help and you can ask any questions in the comments section of the course. You can also say hello and send us an email here

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