Important questions for men who ejaculate before they want to and are ready to last as long as they want in the bedroom:

What’s the biggest difference between a man who can give his woman multiple orgasms, enjoy red-hot passionate sex for hours on end and is confident in the bedroom…

...and one who is worried he will ejaculate too soon, hoping he can withstand his partner's orgasms but fails over and over despite his best efforts and mental distractions?

Are you struggling with lasting longer, unable to keep your mind off ejaculation when having sex?  

Have you found yourself dreading having sex in ways you never used to? 

You start to panic as soon as sex starts and lose control. 

Often you hope she won’t be in the mood, so you don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of letting her down. 

Anything to keep you from being humiliated that sex ended too soon and left you both so disappointed.


If there was a way for you to be in control from beginning to end without numbing sprays, extra-thick condoms or picturing Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day…


Would you finally feel confident enough committing to a program guaranteed to extend your performance way beyond your best day?


Here’s why anything short of an enthusiastic “Hell Yes” is costing you big time


Women across the globe confessed that their ideal duration for sex is 25 minutes and 51 seconds.

Women like sex. They like good sex. 

The average man lasts for about 5 minutes before he climaxes. While the average woman needs between 12 to 25 minutes to climax. 

There’s obviously a mismatch here!

The question is… 

Are you able to last as long as it takes for her to climax?

And whether you’ve done it once, or wish you could, the success of your relationship depends heavily on your answer to this question. 

If you know without a doubt that you are falling short, that your sex life is s**t for both of you 


You are really desperate as you don’t want to lose your partner because of her not being satisfied​​​​​​​.

Then keep reading…


Maybe this scenario sounds familiar?

She’s showering and you are waiting for her to join you in bed. You are getting hornier by the second.

Your mind starts to fantasize.  

You know that as soon as she finishes you are going to get laid. You can’t help but feel so excited. 

By the time she joins you in bed, your body wants to release the pressure that is building up.

The smallest friction gets you so aroused. 

You kiss. You take her in your arms. She reaches down to stroke you. You are doing everything you can to keep it together. 

Finally, you penetrate her. Bliss. Pleasure. Mere minutes and it’s over. 

You can’t help yourself. Shame. Insecurity. Will she still desire you?

By the time you are ready for a second round, she is no longer in the mood.

She is feeling neglected, abandoned and plain frustrated. 

You are desperate and she knows it. 

You failed her and you failed yourself. AGAIN.

Here’s the thing. You’ve been training yourself to ejaculate too soon for years. 

Truth be told, training the wrong way can make this problem worse. 

Your mind is working against you and not for you. You doubt that you’ll ever be good enough. Your worst nightmare is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

You are full of anxiety and feeling stressed anytime you think about sex. You are stuck in a vicious cycle of wanting sex and yet doing your best to avoid it. 

Your nervous system has been hijacked. Your body is tensed, your breathing tends to be shallow and you are tired a lot. You have no stamina left. 

The good news is that you can change that! Quickly. Forever.

The Good New Is...

Lasting Longer Naturally Is Easier Than Ever And Totally Doable

If you’ve made it this far, you already know that lasting longer is critical to the success of your relationship and makes a world of difference in both your experience, as well as hers.

No need to remind you of that.

But maybe you didn’t know that when you last longer, you gain confidence that spills over to every area of your life. You become more assertive in everything you do. Every day of your life. 

Your glass is full again.

Your orgasms will be the best ever because you’ll now have time to build them instead of bursting quickly without building the energy up. 

YES, these outcomes are totally within reach for you

... but they DO depend on taking a straightforward, step-by-step approach.

One that leverages only the most proven techniques to improve your performance.  

One that looks at all the aspects of premature ejaculation and addresses the major causes using a unique, holistic approach.

Meet Your Sex Coaches

We are Kevin Anthony and Celine Remy the creators of Power and Mastery and co-hosts of The Love Lab Podcast. 

We are a husband and wife team, teaching real sex for real people. Everything we teach is tried and tested in our own relationship. 

If you're done with wild guesses at creating the sex life you want…

We are here to help you become a hero in the bedroom.

All I can say is Wow

"Now that I can regulate the excitement in my body,  my orgasms are the best I have ever had. My partner is incredibly satisfied since now she can attain multiple orgasms and I am able to last through all of them with no problem."

Steve B. 
Master Your Ejaculation Graduate



The most complete “last as long as you want” system that GUARANTEES you’ll increase your performance in the bedroom by retraining your ejaculatory reflexes and boosting your confidence.

This is perfect for...

+ Men who’ve struggled to gain control over their ejaculation whether they are an average Joe or a gifted individual. 

+ Men tired of wasting precious time and energy, scouting the internet, looking for scraps of advice and trying everything yet still ejaculating too quickly. 

+ Men consumed with performance anxiety who’s life is ruined by their inability to last long.

+ Men who despite the temporary setbacks, recognize that there’s no getting around this “lasting longer” thing, and are motivated-as-heck to finally take control over their body rather than being controlled by it. 


The Result Is…

An easy-to-follow, comprehensive program that gives you a crystal clear, “no-more-failing” roadmap to last longer once and for all!

Here’s how 


Module 1 

This is where you’ll create a bulletproof foundation to remain cool under pressure and boost your confidence. 

Remember the main reason you are ejaculating too quickly is because you are anxious and stuck in your head. 

By the time you’re finished with module #1 you’ll have identified the mistakes you are making that cause your early ejaculation and you’ll have a genius trick to calm your nervous system quickly and effectively.


Module 2

This is where the rubber hits the road. You will build a new body awareness and increase your staying power.

That is a huge piece. And yes, we look at how you masturbate and change it for the better. You can train yourself to last longer. 

You’ll become a pro at reading your body’s signals and your sexual response. You’ll be able to stop before your point of no-return and control your arousal at will.


Module 3

This is where you learn the best-kept secrets that no one talks about and that are the true keys to mastering your ejaculation.

No joke. From ancient Tantric practices to science and what has worked for 1000’s of men. You’ll explore it all. 

By the end of this module, you’ll manage your excitement level like a champ. You’ll also master your pelvic floor muscles - relaxing and strengthening them the RIGHT WAY.


Module 4

To truly have better control you must master your mind. This module is all about teaching you mental techniques to destroy your anxiety and your stress. 

You’ll reprogram your mind and body to last longer. 

By the time you are finished with this module, you’ll think like a winner. You’ll develop greater mental control and increase your personal power.


Module 5

This is where you’ll learn the best sexual positions to maintain your control and the ones you need to avoid. 

You’ll get a done-for-you “ Difficult Conversation” formula to help you talk about the embarrassing stuff and create more intimacy with her. Women crave emotional intimacy and you’ll nail it with this template. 

You’ll be in charge in the bedroom, look forward to sex again and completely fulfill your woman every time you have sex.

We actually came together

"I started seeing huge results when I changed my masturbation techniques. Instead of chasing my orgasm, I now see how long I can go for without feeling the urge to cum. Since doing this I can last at least 20 minutes longer and ejaculate pretty much on command. Last night the result was amazing, I lasted really long, I didn't have to pause as much (probably because of the confidence I was gaining when I realized it was working) and we actually came together which was such a huge relief and a tremendous confidence booster."

Calvin B. 
Master Your Ejaculation Graduate

When you enroll you’ll get

20 easy-to-follow videos designed to eliminate premature ejaculation > There’s no other program filled with as many useful tips, with real-world application delivered in a fun and clear way.

Downloadable resources in PDF and MP3 format > Take the course anytime, anywhere. Whether you are on the go or in the comfort of your own home. You can simply download the audio on any of your devices. And if you are a visual learner you can access the PDF version of the lesson. 

Lifetime access to upgrades > You can expect the best from us, so whenever there’s an upgrade you have instant access. You also can revisit the material for life. It’s yours. 

Get your questions answered from us > Having a coach help you specifically with your problems and your situation is the fastest path to success. Just ask your question in the comments section and we will respond within 48 hours. 




Plus you’ll be backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee



The best part about Master Your Ejaculation is that you don’t have to wait for months or years before seeing results. 

Stuck in a vicious cycle of worry and disappointment? Implement the powerful practice in module 4 that is used by Olympic athletes to win every time. This could be YOU!

Putting yourself under huge pressure for a long time? Use our tools and proven techniques to reprogram your mind and body to perform in bed and finally relax for real.  

Unsure about how to apply our tips and advice to your life? Ask us a question in the comments section. We are here to support you. 

As long as you give your very best effort to implementing the practices and lifestyles changes, chances are you’ll manage to go from lasting mere minutes to 20+ minutes, in 3 weeks or less. 

And if for whatever reason you don’t feel like you are lasting longer in the bedroom, have more confidence and are a better lover, simply send us an email within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll refund you. See Terms Of Service for full details.

Burning Q’s

Your fellow Master Your Ejaculation graduates have asked before starting the program

Our course has been conveniently broken down into short videos with one topic per video. You can go at your own pace and squeeze it in even if you only have a few minutes at a time.

No, this is not the start/stop method, or the squeeze method. Forget those harmful, ineffective, old-fashioned methods.

What is a lifetime of great sex worth to you? The benefits of increased stamina will last for life and change every area of your life for the better.

We have a 97% success rate. Men who join the course, see results. However, there’s a caveat.   You only get as much as you put in. 

Our hope is that you’re beyond satisfied with the course. We also expect you to give your very best effort to implement the practices and lifestyle changes to support your goal of lasting longer.

Absolutely, the course is always there for you. You can take it as many times as you need.

Just reached out, we are happy to help and you can ask any questions in the comments section of the course. You can also say hello and send us an email here.

I am beyond excited and it is the best money I have spent on myself.

“I was skeptical about the process. I have struggled with this since I was 16. I have anxiety. Only times I could last long was when I was intoxicated, round 2, or when we had sex every single day, multiple times a day. I have been married for going on 15 years, with my wife. I went through the first four modules so far. With your breathing techniques, levels of excitement table, and pelvic floor exercises I was just able to have my first 20 minute session.  I was even able to stop myself at the end with the pelvic floor and breathing you taught. I was able to cut the flow off! This was my very first time doing what you taught. I did not want to finish, as I am so excited to go home and have sex with my wife tonight. Normally, I let her have an orgasm, and then I will. Well, my part takes 30 seconds normally. She plays with me off and on, but I have her stop so I do not get finished early. She says she is satisfied with our sex, as I am to please her in those ways. This will only enhance what we are already doing. Also, I want to be able to choose when I do ejaculate. I am older now, and it takes so much out of ya. I just turned 40. I am ready to get to that level of choosing when to let it out and when to hold it. I am in control of it, not the other way around. Now I am intrigued for your other courses. ” 

Kurt P. 
Master Your Ejaculation Graduate


You’re ready to achieve brag-worthy wins inside Master Your Ejaculation if…

You want to last long enough to satisfy her, because you know deep down that you want to last as long as it takes her to orgasm.

+ You are looking to have control over your orgasms, you are done apologizing for cumming too quickly.

+ You are are ready to be fully empowered by your sexuality, and stop worrying about ejaculating to soon every minute of your day.

+ You feel confident joining the program knowing you have 30 Days to test it out: It’s simple. Either you do the work, apply the lifestyle changes and start lasting longer in the next 30 days than you have in your ENTIRE life… or you shoot us a quick email asking us to hit undo on this whole “last as long as you want” experiment.

Here’s why you need to get


“The best time to start lasting longer was yesterday…the next best time is today”

All men wish that they ALREADY were a freaking rockstar in the bedroom.

To please her like no one else ever did and see that priceless look of satisfaction on her face.

But to get to that gratifying place, you need to assess honestly where you are TODAY and choose to take the actions that will get you to where you need to go.

Otherwise you self-sabotage and stagnate for yet another year.

And since you’re reading this, we really don’t want that for you.

We don’t want you to look back in 6 or even 12 months from now without a satisfying sex life wondering what could’ve been if only you took action.

We want you to approach sex with CONFIDENCE… secure in your skills and ability to deliver her pleasure.

We want you to thank yourself for the smart decision you made today.






This is a game-changer

"Premature ejaculation had always been a huge problem for me. After only 2 weeks in the program, I have noticed that I can already last longer. The techniques helped me improve my performance and confidence."

John B. 
Master Your Ejaculation Graduate

Let’s Be Honest Here,


The only thing you risk is spending another day filled with frustration without a down-to-earth, easy-to-execute “premature ejaculation be gone” system.

If you are ready to wake up tomorrow and start...

+ Mastering your ejaculation by creating better physical, mental and emotional control over your sexual performance.

+ Cutting the confusion and overwhelm and follow a step-by-step program designed to help you last longer fast and permanently. 

+ Increasing your sexual skills and confidence so you can both have a much better sexual experience...

Then we can’t wait to meet you inside Master Your Ejaculation


Kevin and Céline




You are one step away to becoming the man she craves...